Android tablet missing contacts app

Feasibility: Can I Retrieve Deleted Contacts on Android Phones?

Many people have reported that their phone contacts disappeared day by day. Here are 3 suggestions worth a try. Reboot your Samsung phone. Some of such problems can be fixed by rebooting device, but others reappear the next day. Uninstall the newly installed app. If your Samsung phone contacts disappeared exactly after the installation of a new app, that may be the cause.

Android contacts disappeared? Here’s how to recover lost contacts on your phone

Try uninstalling it and observe the result. Try Contact sync fix. It will be back shortly. You can recover deleted contacts from Samsung if your contacts were synced to Google. Google limits the recoverable period to the last 30 days since the contacts were synced. Log in your Gmail account on PC browser. Select a date you want to restore your contacts to. Your contact will be completely restored back to the state that it was on the date you select. Please back up the new contacts which were added after that date.

When your Samsung phone is lost or damaged, it is basically very hard to recover the contacts or other data.

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But you can try these two options to restore your contacts. You will most likely be uninstalling the update that cause the problem. Make sure the app is still install and saying to install uupdate and then reboot the phone. Once the phone is back on you should be able to locate the missing app. Also check the status of the app in the play store. The update may not be needed at this time.

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  • How to Recover Contacts from Samsung Phone and Tablet;
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The problem appears to be with the contacts default contacts App itself. I simply downloaded another contacts App from Playstore and all my contacts came back through it. Phone now will appear.

  • How to Recover Contacts from Samsung Phone and Tablet?
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Get back hidden contacts on Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Note. Custom ROM?

No People app. It seems that the only way to get a contact onto this thing is with a third party app from the market ads, crazy permissions, etc. You could try building your own , but that's probably not the answer you're looking for.

Approach 1: How to Restore Google Contacts from Gmail?

Have you considered just using gmail in the browser? It should work well in Chrome.

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  5. You can also return it and get a different tablet. If you can flash a ROM, then you should be able to flash the GApps package which includes all the Google apps which are not in the app store. So the question becomes, can you get to the bootloader to flash a ROM Which is a more answerable question if you can figure out what the manufacturer and actual model name are for the tablet.

    What about a third party contacts app like Go Contacts?