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Make a note for yourself or record a friend doing his Daffy Duck impression.

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Each recording is shown with its title, the date and time of the recording, and the recording duration. Several voice recording apps can be found at the Google Play Store. The one by Mamoru Tokashiki is a good app to use. The Gesture Search app provides a new way to find information on your tablet. After putting the GS4 through its paces, I have a clear picture of what this device is capable of. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are becoming almost synonymous these days, but there are still plenty of awesome deals that you can only get starting on the Monday after Thanksgiving.

Amazon, for instance, will be hosting a week-long Cyber Monday sale, and of course, most big-bo Whenever you need to record a quick message to yourself or someone else, the stock Voice Recorder app on the Galaxy Note 2 does a fine job. However, the situations when you need it the most are when you forget or don't care to actually use it, like during a heated argument or The Galaxy S6 already has one of the best cameras on the market, but a few minor annoyances still linger.

Most variants of the Galaxy S5 come with the gesture-based Swype keyboard preinstalled.

If you're into gesture typing, you probably already switched to this input method from the default Samsung keyboard whose gesture service is nice, but it's no Swype. A couple of features Your smartphone has a ton of ringtone options built in, but ringtones haven't really changed much in the past decade, and it's definitely not cool to hear someone in the supermarket with the same lame ringer. While replacing the stock sounds with a song of your choosing is the Despite a very vocal distaste for Bixby, Samsung continues to push their voice assistant on customers.

For many, the button is not only a waste, but placed perfectly for accidental presses. While it appears Samsung has no intention of giving up on Bixby, with the help of an ex The most essential part of a healthy lifestyle is managing your diet — after all, what would be the point of a daily workout regimen if you were eating junk food?

Thankfully, Samsung Health makes it easy to record your calorie and nutrient intake to get a clear picture of your Shortly after we detailed several indicators that the Galaxy S8 Oreo Beta Program would begin rolling out in the month of November, we now have a full changelog for the update. Android comprises an entire ecosystem of apps, games, functions, and features, so it would only make sense that it has its own lexicon. Words, phrases, and acronyms that didn't exist ten years ago are now used in an off-the-cuff style by developers and support technicians acro Keeping up with current events is a good step towards becoming a well-informed person, but sometimes it's a chore.

In-between work, school, commuting, social lives, and hobbies, it can be extremely hard to find time to pick up a newspaper or browse CNN to find out what's going Automation is everywhere in our daily lives. Faucets and hand dryers that turn on for you when they detect your presence. Automated teller machines to handle your bank account.

Timed sprinklers to water your lawn every morning. DVRs to record your favorite TV shows when you're The fourth annual Amazon Prime Day is upon us. Today, Amazon will offer thousands of deals on products across its site, starting at 3 p. EDT and running for a total of 36 hours.

2 Apps to Use to Input Information onto Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet - dummies

If you want to know what's for sale and how to take advantage of Amazon's huge savings, this is t It seems like everyone is getting in shape these days or at least trying to improve their fitness , and as a result, there's an endless supply of fitness trackers and smartwatches hitting the market. This is all very wonderful, unless of course, you're broke and can barely af In the music world, it's safe to say electric instruments are more versatile, but they lack the portability of their acoustic counterparts.

However, with the aid of your smartphone plus an audio interface, you can play your electric instrument anywhere — with all the pedal eff There are over 1. However, a large portion of this total is occupied by apps with overlapping functions—think social media, news, weather, music players, and various oth When shopping for a new smartphone, you'll encounter comparisons and spec sheets that are filled to the brim with values like mAh, GB, and GHz. To the average consumer, however, these values are meaningless, so we end up looking at which device has the specs with the highest a Out of the box, Samsung's Initially, I was a bit overwhelmed by the enormous screen and taken aback by the dated st Who here binges TV on a regular basis?

I know I do. Never before have we had so many options for watching our favorite shows, especially when you consider how easy it is to stream from anywhere on a mobile device. But sometimes, all that choice gets a little overwhelming.

Samsung Galaxy Core Prime™ - Record and Play File - Voice Recorder

One of Android's biggest strengths is its flexibility. There's usually more than one way to perform the same task, which makes it easy to find an alternate method that works better for you. Android also has some hidden features that newer users might not be aware of, so we mad The iPad's got some stiff competition these days, especially from Android, who plans to invade the tablet market with their high-end mobile operating system.

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That is, you seem to expect the audio recorder to have a send to email feature. While we can discuss the history of Android and more I doubt that's in that app. Now that I get the feeling you want a recorder that does that without the old fashioned solution please read the next link. That helped a little. The inclusion of sharing capabilities is an addition. Primarily I need a voice recorder that won't crash, burn or freeze while I record. The main use is to go back and make sure I don't miss points as I have to take meeting minutes.

Not really. The Sanyo is quite nice and works for me everytime. You are posting a reply to: Track this discussion and email me when there are updates. You are reporting the following post: This post has been flagged and will be reviewed by our staff.

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