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Singlewire Software, LLC develops and supports ip-based voice applications for emergency communication with mass notification capabilities. InformaCast , the group's flagship application, was developed as mass notification system for a federal government client in response to the September 11 terrorist attacks. In April , the group formed a company, Singlewire Software, which repurchased the assets it had developed. Singlewire continues to enhance the InformaCast platform to include the integration of its notification technology into the physical security space.

Its suite of applications is designed to detect incidents within an organization, notify people or systems of such incidents, and activate the necessary systems to resolve the situation.

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Product features include enterprise-wide paging, emergency mass notification, remote detection of incidents on an IP network i. Upload it to your EVE machine's qemu folder as usual qemu image and create a ne Deploying a WLC with initial configuration wizard is very simple in any environment WLC appliance or in virtual environment. Here is how Cisco AP is connected to the Ethernet port of my laptop I am going to configure this AP fully in rommon mode which will then be work fine after connected to the network without any configuration I am using ISE 2. When I was working with some larger typologies in UNL work space, labs got crashed many times because of this new method of adding links.

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