Htc one m8 sony xperia z2 comparison

This obviously makes some impact on the processing speeds of the Z2, but again, in normal usage you're unlikely to notice. However, it does make the Z2 a little more future-proof than the One M8. There is one big difference, however: While this may seem like a significant point, we only saw a few days ago just how good the Galaxy S5 battery life is, despite its meager size. The second camera is primarily used for depth calculation and subsequently adjusting the focus in photos after they have been taken.

The Xperia Z2 has a conventional camera with a resolution of The Ultrapixel camera of the HTC One M8 dissolves in comparison with 4 megapixels, even if we're not exactly comparing apples to apples because of the Ultrapixel sensor arrangement.

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Nevertheless, the differences are enormous and the Z2 shoots much better photos. The Z2 also offers the possibility of high-resolution 4K video recording. The Xperia Z2 can be seen in this comparison as the marginal winner. However, the HTC One offers hand-friendly and eye-catching design and has more software functions with cool features like Motion Launch and the Duo Camera.

Display size and user interface are strictly personal choices.

Compare HTC One (M8) Dual SIM vs Sony Xperia Z2 Price, Specs, Ratings

Anyone that is not a fan of edgy smartphones, places more emphasis on extensive software features and does not mind a slightly higher price, is better served by the HTC One M8. I prefer the M8 , other editors prefer the Z2.

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Well done SONY , keep it up but not too soon hey, chill and perfect. Z2 everyday the HTC has a poor camera compared to the z2 which is a selling point for me. The Z2 and the One M8 both have their own different looks and feel. A lot of people love the feel of the Z1S and a lot of people don't. It just bothers some people who cant get their thumb across the other side of the screen. It has a very rich grippy feel with the sharp edges and it even weighs a bit lighter then the M8.

That's surprising, especially with a bigger display and better technology, it weighs 2 grams lighter. Kris, you can easily call this one out in comparison. I feel like you're picking the M8 just for the sleek design of it and the feel of it. Yea it has fun features, but c'mon man. Look at the big picture.

Sony Xperia Z2 vs HTC One (M8) Comparison

The Z2 has a heck of a better battery. The Z2's Camera is 4x more megapixals and the video capture is 4K times better resolution. Honestly, 20 megapixels is more than enough for any camera in general, but only 4MP on the M8? I dont care about the dual camera, honestly.

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The dual camera is only going to give good focus. Z2 is not just a partial victory. Its a very clear and obvious win over the M By far. Reviewers always seem to be always hating on ALL sony products discreetly. The tablet z turned out great and for the Ps Vita!? Its gaining momentum. At least some reviwers have stoped worshiping apple effortless piece of alluminium. Currently got th gs5. Z2 is a pure winner for me! Hardware wise it's a better phone hands down, I like it's software more and the design is what I like the most - a "blocky" design, completely flat, very thin and relatively sharp edges.

The only phone I like more, design wise, is the Z the main reason I'm still reluctant on getting the Z2 and is a bit "edgier" in comparison. Also, I like the looks of the new Oppo phone. Samsung Unpacked. Reviews All. Create account Be part of the largest Android community. Login Cancel. Close What is ID4me? Stay signed in. Sharp edges, square corners and boxy construction: Sony's OmniBalance design Xperia Z2. Both displays are made of the same stuff, the only difference is a minor size difference.

Sense 6 left , Xperia UI right. Performance and battery: UltraPixel vs. Samsung rushes ahead with fingerprint sensor, heart rate monitor, USB 3. HTC is more humble: Only the Infrared sensor to control a TV is available. Sony cannot keep up with the number of sensors and ports, either. All three smartphones are similar in terms of storage: All three smartphones now support micro SD cards as well. However, it is another question if you actually need them. Sony and HTC share the second place. Which one is better? That is pretty much a matter of taste.

All three offer very fast and smooth handling.

Compare HTC One M8 vs Sony Xperia Z2

The design is nice and has some new features: It can now learn and, for instance, show suitable restaurants nearby. Samsung and Sony also provide solutions that look similarly nice, but the features cannot quite keep up. It is closest to the stock Android interface. HTC tried to improve the navigation through Sense 6 with color codes. Many features are now realized with apps, which makes it easier to update them.

The possibility to run several apps next to each other on the screen also works very well. Similar to the ports there are countless possibilities , and you still find new features after weeks of use. Android purist on the other hand will favor the Sony. We do not like that some features of the HTC do not feel finished and that some advertised features were not ready at launch. Independent journalism is made possible by advertising. We show the least amount of ads whenever possible but we intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. Please, switch off ad blockers and support us!

Furthermore, the accuracy is not as good, either. Determining a winner in this section is not easy. All three devices offer very high voice quality and it is difficult to determine differences. The voice is clear, very easy to understand, and the Voice Optimization improves the voice quality even further. Still, the voice quality during normal calls is not as brilliant compared to the Sony smartphone.

Samsung falls slightly behind, although the differences are not huge. Samsung equips the Galaxy S5 with a 16 MP sensor. However, the MP number does not necessarily say anything about the picture quality, especially since Sony's camera app does not even use the full resolution in the automatic mode. This means you can take very detailed pictures with very natural colors. Samsung's camera takes second place in our opinion, because the low-light performance is not perfect. Pictures in good lighting conditions on the other hand, are very good.

The results are pictures with less detail.

HTC One M8 vs Sony Xperia Z2

This means the HTC camera only gets the third spot. The differences are also very small in terms of handling: All three touchscreens work very precisely and the whole display surface including the peripheral areas quickly reacts to inputs. The whole 5.

Sony even includes an assistant for the keyboard and many buttons can be displayed or hidden, so that everybody can adjust it to their personal preferences. The Galaxy S5 can take the lead when it comes to enhanced input methods: There are dozens of settings to expand the handling with gestures, facial recognition or hovering over the display. Sony scores with facial recognition and a dedicated camera button.

Sony secures the second place thanks to the camera button and customizable keyboard. Although it is close, the HTC is last due to the limited possibilities. One display stands out on first look: Black value of 0 , which results in an infinite contrast. The brightness distribution is not even, but it is not visible even on larger color surfaces. HTC and Sony share the second place. All three smartphones use an SoC from Qualcomm's Snapdragon series , which offer an increased efficiency and support faster storage compared to the series.

However, there are no big differences compared to the performance of Snapdragon smartphones. The device gets much warmer than the other two rivals in this comparison. Samsung shows how it is done and stays much cooler with up to With an average temperature of It is the coolest device in all scenarios. The other two smartphones do not reach critical temperatures, but they are noticeably warmer. HTC manages the second place with a minimal advantage, partly because the maximum temperature is lower compared to Sony's top smartphone.

HTC One M8 video preview

HTC wants to offer speakers with excellent sound quality. However, the behavior with light workloads and when idle should be more important unless you only play games on the road. Samsung clearly has an advantage in these scenarios. Sony only deactivates background services and push mails. In the end, we have a clear winner: You do, however, get an excellent case, the best smartphone speakers on the market and a good connectivity in return. Sony did improve the situation, but it is still not quite on the same level as the rivals.

HTC and Sony still have a long road ahead of them: Still, Sony and HTC do not surrender and show Samsung that there is still room for improvement, for example in terms of camera, case or speakers. The prospects are exciting, but we have a winner for this year. Face Off: HTC One M8 vs. Samsung Galaxy S5 vs. Working For Notebookcheck. Waterproof and dust resistant: